A Healthy, Bouncing, Baby Business Is Born


The Grand Sparents:

Jennifer Crawford &

Meredith Maslich Eaton

As owners of our own growing businesses, Meredith and I each needed help. We had tasks that were being neglected in our businesses, keeping them from reaching their full potential. That’s when Meredith hired a freak of amazingness freelancer who happened to also be a stay-at-home mom. Then I hired her. Then we hired another… and another..

We had the best team ever—they multi-tasked as only moms can, and used their skills from their former corporate careers to get a wide range of projects done in record time. All on their own terms. All while being incredible parents.

That experience inspired the idea for Sparent.

Now, look what we’ve done:

  • Gave birth to a Woman-owned & operated business in 9 months!

  • Instituted a self-imposed minimum pay of $20/hr

  • Built a community of U.S. Based remote, highly skilled moms who don’t just execute tasks, but help businesses grow & thrive while doing the same for their kids!

Our crib Is HUGE!
It’s The World Wide Web