No More Manic Mondays with this Cyber Monday Deal!

Welcome to our office—it’s Cyber Space, and we are glad you are here to witness our amazing Cyber Monday Deal!

So, here’s our contribution to the discount mayhem of Cyber Monday: 25% off ANY package or service on our website.

  • That’s 25% off our Monthly Delivery

  • That’s 25% off any TRYmester plan. That means our 30 hour TryMester package (our most popular) for only $1462.50 (that’s almost a $500 savings!!)

  • You can even take 25% off rush delivery fees (need some help with your holiday marketing?)

SPARENT is offering a special, mini TRYmester package that is only being offered during this flash Black Friday sale: 5 hours a month for three months, for only $900. Not only is that well below our typical hour minimum, but you save $75 too.

If you’ve been considering a virtual assistant, this is a great opportunity to try us out while reclaiming some of your time. We’ll take good care of your business baby.

Dear Babs,

I’m a solopreneur, and for the past year I’ve been in start up mode - working 60 hours a week and yet constantly feeling like I’m behind. I need and want to hire a VA but I can’t stop moving long enough to even think about how to go about doing that. How do I break the cycle?!!

-Hampster on a Wheel