Virtual Assistants Are A Good Business Investment

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Decisions, decisions..

Deciding to hire staff is a huge decision for any business - whether its your first employee or your hundred and first. There is a lot to consider, but at the top of that list is the cost of hiring an employee. With employees, you have many expenses in addition to their salary or hourly wages. These include training, benefits, office space, wasted time, payroll taxes, social security, and unemployment insurance. Wowzer!

Wasted time is wasted money..

Virtual Assistants can do almost anything that full-time employees can do, but you only pay for the hours they are actually working. Did you know that the average full-time, in-office employee is distracted for an average of 2.1 hours per day? Which means that more than 10 hours out of every 40 hour work week is wasted - per employee!  And that’s time that you are paying for, no matter what. That’s stinkier than a full diaper.

The most common causes of distractions for in-office workers are a noisy office, frequent interruptions, socializing in common areas, an uncomfortable environment (a squeaky chair or freezing temperatures) or a painfully slow internet connection or an outdated computer. A study analyzed by The Harvard Business Review found that staff who worked from home finished 13.5% more calls at Ctrip’s call center compared to staff who worked inside the office. A study from TINYpulse found that 91% of remote workers feel they are more productive at home.

Virtual assistants only work when they are ready and able to focus, and that’s the only time you pay for. They are not on the clock when they are socializing or taking a coffee break. And since virtual assistants work from the comfort of their homes they have control over distractions, temperature and work space, which increases their productivity and performance. You get highly productive people working for you!

Using a virtual assistant also saves you the additional salary costs of benefits and taxes, but even more importantly it removes all of the HR concerns from your desk. With employees, you need to know the laws and tax implications around classification, employee protections, and oversight. When you work with a virtual agency, like SPARENT, we eliminate these HR and IRS concerns.

Meet the Sparents..

Like Netflix, SPARENTS are on-demand. Use us when you need us. We aren’t 9-5 people. Have an urgent deadline on a Sunday? Need us just a few hours a month? Need us 20 hours one week, and not again for six months? No problem!

Sci-Fi, BBC, Or Documentary? Like the many genres of shows available to you on NetFlix, we have a variety of SPARENTSthat represent a diverse set of business skills. You have an entire team invested in your success. Our SPARENTS can deal with demanding toddlers, so needy clients are our specialty. Based on your needs, we match you with a SPARENT(S) equipped with the skills you need. Your on-demand SPARENTS will become in-demand as you get spoiled by their efficiency, and attention to detail.

When you have skilled, efficient virtual workers on your team, you have the freedom to grow your company, or a temporary solution while you look for the ideal in-house employee. Either way, SPARENT is great business investment. Pinky promise.