Let’s make your conference, tradeshow, or launch event a success!

Let’s make your conference, tradeshow, or launch event a success!

Getting Sponsors

Securing sponsors for your event is crucial for a profitable outcome. Our Sparents can tackle the research and outreach to sponsors for your event. Services such as..

  • Creating an effective Sponsor Kit

  • Researching potential sponsors that have a symbiotic fit to your event.

  • Contacting potential sponsors

  • Managing sponsor communications

  • Invoicing sponsors

Increase Ticket Sales

Healthy ticket sales are the foundation for a successful event. Having a Sparent focused on your event marketing will pay off in increased ticket sales. Services include..

  • Social Media Management & Engagement

  • Email Marketing

  • Social Media asset creation for speakers and sponsors

  • Blog writing

  • Research cross promotional opportunities

  • Podcast guest booking to help promote the event


Event Organization

The best events have a high degree of organization going on behind the scenes from start to finish. Let our Sparents help you maintain your event details so you can produce your event like a pro. Services include..

  • Drafting email templates for speakers, sponsors, and attendees.

  • Creating an event management infrastructure in Google Drive

  • Managing your event email list(s)

  • Organizing research details for vendors, venues, sponsors.

  • Creating and managing event timelines (pre-event, day of, and post event)

  • Managing and monitoring event team tasking

Post Event details

Often the biggest missed opportunity are the post-event details. This is an opportunity to secure next year’s ticket sales, collect valuable intel, sell products & services, and pre-promote follow up events. Sparent can help with things such as..

  • Creating online surveys for attendees, sponsors, and speakers.

  • Thank you emails

  • Create post-event Newsletter and include any special offers from the event speakers, and the event itself.

  • Use social media platforms to share experiences and lessons learned at the event.

  • Organize a list of attendees and speakers along with their websites and social media handles and email it to everyone at the event.