It’s time to increase sales..

It’s time to increase sales..

Lead Farming

Our Sparents can hunt down business leads for you like a favorite Teddy Bear lost in the airport. Our Sparents have experience in the following:

  • LinkedIn Sales Navigator

  • A variety of CRMs

  • Farming industry leads online via social media

  • Gathering industry-specific market intelligence

Sales Calls & Emails

After talking to kids all day, our Sparents love talking to adults on the phone by making sales calls for you! We can even create sample scripts and effective email sales templates, or you can provide your own. Your Sparent can also field sales emails through your CRM or email provider.

  • Types of sales:

    • New business leads

    • Setting up demos and sales meetings

    • Inviting people to workshops or events

    • Soliciting vendors or advertisers

    • Speaking opportunities


Public relations (PR)

Publicity has greater credibility with the public than paid advertising. Our Sparent PR Specialists can help your public relations strategy!

  • PR Intelligence: gathering a robust list of new and traditional media resources including direct media contacts, requirements, deadlines, and distribution details.

  • PR Pitches: Story angles, pitch letters, and press releases

  • PR Outreach: Contacting new and traditional media on your behalf to secure good publicity.

email marketing

Whether you already have a newsletter or want to start or re-start one, we can help. You can hire a Sparent to:

  • Create an attractive newsletter template using your platform of choice such as MailChimp, Constant Contact, etc.

  • Create an email marketing campaign with compelling content

  • Update, clean up, segment, or manage your email list, including removing bounced addresses, adding new addresses etc.