Time is our most precious, non-renewable resource.

Time is our most precious, non-renewable resource.

customer service

Extraordinary customer service should be part of any marketing strategy. A multi-touchpoint customer service experience is time consuming, but also extremely easy to outsource. Your Sparent can be involved in your customer service delivery by taking care of..

  • Follow up calls

  • Apt. confirmations and rescheduling

  • Implementing and improving your customer’s on boarding experience

  • Client survey’s and communication

  • Invoicing and billing calls

  • Social media monitoring and response

  • Review monitoring and response

  • Client thank you’s and recognition

Virtual Assistant services

Your Sparent can be your online personal assistant. Perfect when you are juggling a lot of balls and you need a little help to keep them in the air. Your Sparent is here to make you look good while saving you time. Tasks include, but are not limited to..

  • Inbox management

  • File maintenance

  • Project management

  • Research

  • Concierge services such as travel booking, ordering groceries, calendar management, making appointments, etc.